The vineyards of the Cantine Dei are divided into four production units: Martiena, Bossona,

La Ciarliana and La Piaggia, privileged thanks to the exposure and the composition of the soil in the production area of the Nobile di Montepulciano.

The vineyards have different soil characteristics: the Martiena and La Piaggia (400 m a.s.l) areas consist mainly of fresh and average sandstone texture with a bright yellow colour; the Bossona vineyard (400 metres above sea level), which produces the best cru, is characterised by a surface layer of sand and tuff and by a subsoil of fossil skeleton with a soft yellow colour with excellent drainage and ventilation; the vineyards of La Ciarliana (300 m a.s.l) are rich in clay and limestone with an off-white colour.


Deep respect goes hand in hand with soil management.
If foliage is the mirror of the health of the roots, it is crucial to create the best possible conditions so that the plant grows well in the ground.

A procedure which is obtained by limiting tillage and the passage of vehicles on the soil in addition to using techniques which keep the soil microbiologically alive.

Cantine Dei uses organic fertilisation of natural animal and biological matrix, balanced according to the development of the plant during its growing stage.

Together with the fertilisation, we grass the ground with four essences: barley, clover, mustard or rapeseed. This grassing leads to an increased vitality from the soil’s microbiological level.

Barley allows ploughing the soil naturally, clover delivers the nitrogen needed without putting further strain on the vine’s health, mustard drains the ground and has a detoxifying effect on certain bacteria and fungi.
Moreover, we add organic matter and biomass during the mowing stage.

Not using chemical herbicides, together with an exclusive use of copper and sulphur, increases the vitality of the soil itself. Finally, the management of the foliage allows preventing all vine diseases as far as is possible and enabling the plants to provide high-quality products.


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