Music, art and wine are forms of expression. A unique way to let others discover a part of oneself and of one’s world. And the life story of Caterina Dei embodies the love for these three elements more than others.

“I rediscovered my love for music thanks to wine, as, basically, they are not so far apart. Both wine and music speak an international, universal and in particular sensory language. You can enjoy both music and wine through your senses.

Both enhance sharing as they have to do with friendliness and also with the joy of living. Even the Bible states that wine is made for the happiness of men, and, I add, should only be drunk moderately with a high quality.
Music equally gives me joy. I love to recall and think back to Dionysian times where I found everything I had studied both at university and in my experience as a theatre actress.
A complete exhibition, a total experience related to the cult of Dionysus in which there were banquets, wine, theatre and music in a single event.
This is what I will offer at Cantine Dei, as I have a unique structure at my disposal
with an extraordinary amphitheatre.
A place brimming with artistic, wine and wine-making emotions where I would like
to let everybody re-live the epitome of music and wine combined with the arts and emotion”.

Caterina Dei



Tuscany is Nobile! See you in New York next May 18th and 20th 2017


Vinitaly 2017

We would be delighted to taste together and present you our new vintages @ VINITALY in Verona on April 9-12, 2017 ! Mrs. Caterina Dei and her Staff will be waiting for you at the following location: Hall 9 (TUSCANY) – Stand n. E 10


ProWein 2017

Dei Winery, Tuscany and its wines are waiting for you! Let’s visit us @ our position: HALL 15 STAND D82