Cantine Dei’s vineyards are divided into five areas of production: Martiena, Bossona, La Ciarlana, La Piaggia, and Cervognano, and all enjoy the privilege of the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano terroir.

Each vineyard has its own soil type with defining characteristics.

The Martiena and La Piaggia vineyards at 400 meters above sea level are in areas consisting of fresh sandstone with bright, yellow soil.

The Bossona vineyard, also at 400 meters above sea level, produces the best cru, and is characterized by a surface layer of sand and tuff, with a subsoil of fossils.  It is a soft, yellow color with excellent drainage and ventilation.  

The Ciarliana vineyard, at 300 meters above sea level, has soil rich in clay and limestone, and is beige in color.

Cervognano (250 meters above sea level) is mostly tuff with some clay.



With good soil management comes a deep respect for the land. It is crucial to create the best possible conditions in which the plant can grow by caring deeply for the soil.

At Cantine Dei, we limit the tillage and passage of vehicles over the soil, using maintenance techniques to ensure that the soil is always kept microbiologically alive. Use of organic fertilization is tailored according to the development of the vine during its life cycle. We nurture the soil on the basis of its characteristics with barley, clover, mustard and rapeseed, to give greatmicrobiological vitality.

Barley helps to naturally plough the soil, clover provides essential nitrogen, mustard drains the ground, and rapeseed has a detoxifying effect, reducing levels of certain bacteria and fungi.  In addition, we add organic matter and biomass to our soils during the mowing stage.

By choosing not to use chemical herbicides, and instead opting for copper and sulfur, the vitality of the soil is optimal, and careful canopy management enables us to prevent vine diseases as far as possible.

This is how we make a quality wine.




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