Music and wine are expressions of culture.  Both lead to a unique understanding of the world around us. Caterina Dei’s life story reflects her profound love for both.

I rediscovered my love for music through good wine, as they are not as different as one may think.  Both wine and music speak a universally sensory language, and celebrate the joy of living.  Even the Bible claims wine was made purely for the happiness of man, and I would add, is best if enjoyed moderately and with a high quality.  Equally, music brings me great joy.  I like to think back to the Dionysian times that I studied during my time at university and when I trained to be an actress. In the cult of Dionysus, there were banquets, wine, theatre and music: a complete experience. This is what I wouldlike to offer at Cantine Dei, as our truly unique winery is the perfect place to celebrate life. This is a place brimming with artistic emotion and passion for wine, where I would like everybody to enjoy a sensory experience, surrounded by culture and art.”

Caterina Dei




Giuria selezionata da Luca Gardini, campione del mondo dei sommelier 2010, e da Andrea Grignaffini. Quasi 400 i vini selezionati e sottoposti al giudizio di una squadra di 11 esperti, di cui 5 stranieri di grande credibilità. Oltre a Gardini, hanno degustato e votato master of wine come l’americana Christie Canterbury, l’inglese Tim Atkin, il …


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92pt Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG Riserva Bossona 2011


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